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Welcome to Contec Kromiss

Contec Kromiss is one of the leading manufacturers of poles, towers and masts. Our offer includes standard and customised solutions.

We have long-standing experience, a qualified engineering department and a whole range of success stories. We deliver solutions to industry, trade, construction, public entities, infrastructure markets, transport and energy segments. Contec Kromiss implements lighting projects as well as projects in the area of civil structural engineering and special purpose buildings.

Our core production segment is focused on cornical lighting poles, catenary poles, energy poles and towers for wind farms. Focus on continuous development and investments in state-of-the-art technologies has assured us a prominent position on the market.
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Thanks to its meticulous approach, from precise static calculations to perfect design of steel structures, Contec Kromiss deserves to be called a competent and trusted partner. We value timeliness and top quality.

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Engineering department

Contec Kromiss deals not only with manufacturing, it also has a specialised internal engineering department composed of qualified planners, technicians and staticians, who in a relatively short time can create a project fully adapted to your expectations. The steel masts developed by our department are so stable and rigid that they can withstand the enormous air currents generated by high-speed trains at 330 km/h.
When producing both energy poles and catenary poles, Contec Kromiss takes bird protection into account. Strong air currents are a threat to birds of prey using masts as observation points. In our projects, we keep in mind the need to increase the distance between the bracket and the top of the mast, which allows birds to sit above the traction line which is a direct danger.