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Incoming goods inspection

The production process begins with the purchase of materials. Only steel and welding materials from leading suppliers having the appropriate attestations and certificates can be considered for CONTEC masts. And yet each batch of material undergoes the internal quality control in our production plant. The material of inferior quality shows up later as an effect in forming, weldability and galvanizing and using it for the production could cause the risk of failure to meet the delivery deadlines and the promised quality.

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Steel metal cutting

The sheet metal plates are cut using the most modern plasma cutting machines, which also provide the perfect preparation of welded joints at the same time. And for wall thickness up to 100 mm – a unique solution in Europe! The same machines are used to cut the flange connections and fitting elements in best quality to the desired size as well; this allows us to remain highly flexible and independent of external suppliers.

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Moulding / pressing

After cutting, the prepared panels are formed into the pre-calculated contour using the extremely strong press machine. Wall thicknesses up to 50 mm are possible to obtain, which is sufficient even for the strongest masts on extra-high voltage lines – no one else can do this in Europe. Thanks to this CONTEC-Kromiss is able to reach those power ranges that were possible to get only with steel lattice masts (and correspondingly extreme spreading) so far. So is the production of extremely slim masts with conical geometry enabled as well – which is a great advantage for highly limited space in the city centers. CONTEC-Kromiss was the first company ever to develop a new generation of masts, which has successfully become a popular solution in many large cities. Cylindrical stepped tubular masts can be produced up to a pipe diameter of 600 mm.

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The most modern welding systems with optimized energy consumption enable placing the welding joints in masts with wall thickness up to 50 mm. The construction is very flat, thanks to which it looks aesthetically pleasing after the coating and makes the surface resistant to adhering of a large amount of dirt. Welding process – even with our modern machines – depends a lot on the skills of the employees involved. The welders at CONTEC-Kromiss have many years of experience and are always up to date due to constant further training. Of course, we have all the necessary certificates to carry out welding works on masts.

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Machining / finishing

Depending on the size, steel masts have up to 4 longitudinal welded joints. CONTEC has the largest semi-automatic machine for the production of steel elements in Europe, the cross-section of which consists of up to four individual parts. Many special machines are also available for smaller masts for mast cutouts and built-in parts – for high quality and short delivery times.

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Corrosion protection

All steel masts are professionally hot-dip galvanized on a professional technological line according to the highest quality standards by our long-standing, directly neighboring service provider. To extend the life of the masts and ensure a harmonious adaptation into the environment at the place of installation, an additional coating is applied. Powder coating - by our longstanding partner and wet coating - in our newly invested hall directly in the production plant.

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Final inspection

Before a mast leaves the production, a complete final inspection takes place. The mast is checked and assessed in the manner in which the customer would check it in person. Only when everything fits, the mast is handed over to logistics and can be transported to the warehouse or directly to shipping.

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Completing / packing / protecting / load securing / transporting

Your benefit arises only when the right mast with the right accessories is in the right place at the right time. At CONTEC-Kromiss we attach therefore the same importance to logistics as to manufacturing. Each loading is carefully completed, securely packed and kept in stock until it is collected. We will be happy to arrange the transportation for you at a favorable price or you can pick up the masts on your own – it is only your choice. And last but not least, thanks to our sophisticated logistic concepts you can save on transport costs – for the benefit of the environment and the budget.

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Quality - the best investment protection

Quality assurance is the most important process for infrastructure products. Only professional production using appropriate materials will provide your investment with sustainable protection, low maintenance costs, but will also help to protect the environmental and the climate. Thanks to the stringent quality controls at CONTEC-Kromiss, we can save you time-consuming inspections and repair work, as they are often necessary with less careful production. Internal factory production control is an integral part of our quality management system, as well as the monitoring by independent authorities. Our employees constantly improve their professional qualifications, and high quality standards are perceived by them as a good opportunity to put their skills to the test.

At CONTEC is quality more than just a product itself. For us it also a responsibility to protect resources, climate and the environment – we think for the future.

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Technical processing

An appropriate static and technical design are essential for a good and efficient product. Our own engineering department, using the state-of-art software offers you the following services:

  • static load calculations for masts and foundations
  • static calculations for steel structures and assembly elements
  • Optimization alternatives for existing specifications
  • mast design and construction planning
  • planning of foundations and steel constructions
  • testing of masts for their permissible load capacity as well as working and destructive load
  • pre-installation of multi-part mast systems


Our customer service does not end with the delivery of the products. We would be happy to inform you about new opportunities in the infrastructure sector, interesting events and new trends. We consider ourselves a pioneer who is the “driving force” for this business unit - and we would like you to remain a pioneer as well.